A litte something

I know that’s not the best photo, but in the midst of moving that was the best my phone could do.  I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I’m still around, just buried under a mountain of boxes.  It’s been a lovely fall here, and thankfully we had warm weather for moving and it wasn’t too bad.  Since I’ll be between internet connections for a while, I’m leaving you with some links to keep you busy – I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, and happy browsing!


http://purestylehome.blogspot.com/ – I’m addicted to this one!  Some really great ideas.

http://ana-white.com/ This woman is amazing!  I’m feeling very ambitious and have already decided to make like 10 things from this site.

http://www.runningwithtweezers.com/ This is one of my favorite new food blogs.  The writing is great, and more importantly, so are the recipes.

Also, if you just love to browse food-based site, check out Saveur.com.  Their “Blogs we love” section is awesome if you need some new reading material, but I also really love the Daily Fare. 



Happy Fall, and Big News!

Happy Fall, dear readers!  Honestly, I love summer better than any other season, but there’s just something special about autumn – unless that’s just the pumpkin spice talking.  Or it could be the fact that we get to wear boots again…or the nature-turned-artwork that is the annual changing of the leaves…Oh who am I kidding, I love fall.  But this fall is a little extra-special.  You see, readers, I have some Big News.  We’re moving!  That’s right, we found our one true house, and we’ll be closing the deal on November 21 at 11am.  Now that we’ve got an actual appointment (with a time and everything!) it’s finally started to feel official.

Moving!  It sounds so exciting – like this huge, monumental event is approaching and when it finally gets here you’ll be the proud owner of the house of your dreams, and you and the husband and the hound dog will live happily ever after in this magical place known as home.  And then you remember that you have to pack up all of your sh-, er valuable possessions, and transport them across town and then unpack and somehow have everything arranged to your OCD (ahem, well organized) standards, and then you have a mild stroke and realize that really it’s just this huge thing you have to get through in order to once again lounge comfortably in your home.  But.  It is kind of exciting.  A little. I mean, this is my dream home folks. The One.  The last house we’ll be buying for the foreseeable future.  And did I mention that I love it?  Like, LOVE. It’s pretty much perfect actually. My kitchen counter space will more than double (Yay!).  I’ll have more than two (pathetic, right?) drawers in which to store things and there’s a breakfast nook, and an island with a bar, and a real live greenhouse, and ohmygoodness I can’t wait!  So you may hear more than you care to about packing tape, boxes, yard sales, and probably a few “what in the world inspired me to purchase this?” stories.  In the meantime, any advice for moving day??