Summer Miscellany

I have so much to tell you!  In words anyway… if you’re watching me on instagram – as you should be! – then you’ll have an inkling of all the delicious news I have to share, since I’ve been posting all sorts of edible tidbits there.  We’ve been making the most of summertime (aka, motorcycle season) for the past couple of months, and due to the strange and decidedly out of the ordinary weather we’ve been having this year most of my weekends have looked like some version of this:

It’s been unseasonable cool here – if by cool you mean around 85-90, and I do, since usually it’s more like 95-100 this time of year – and we’ve had this crazy amount of peek-a-boo thunderstorms.  One minute it’s a torrential downpour, followed by a break in the clouds, then cats and dogs again… I’ve actually been missing our typical hot, dry summer weather.  One thing hasn’t changed this year, though, and its the fact that the best summertime treat is still the simplest one:

There is nothing that says “Georgia Summer” to me more than a truck bed of watermelons on ice.  I hope you’ve all had as lovely – and delicious – a summer as I have, and I hope you will join me as  I get back to the blog full force with all sorts of edible goodness (tacos! gyros! tzatziki! grape jelly! oh my!) as the hustle and bustle of summer dies down.

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