The delicious mundane.

I’ve only been cooking sporadically for the past few weeks – at least full meals, anyway.  I’ve been making a good meal about once a week, and then we subsist on leftovers and sandwiches in the between times.  Although, in my defense, I do make a mean sandwich and I try to get creative so we’re not just eating lunch meat all the time.  I love to make Reubens, and we do burgers fairly regularly, and we lately came into an 8-10 lb smoked boston butt (chopped, bbq style) that we’ve been slowly whittling away at, but my favorite sandwich – one I fall back on whenever I just don’t have time for a good meal but I really want something delicious and comforting – is the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese.

I’ve really missed sharing with you since I’ve been so busy lately, and when I was trying to come up with something I could post for you I kept finding that I had either a really good recipe to share with no photos, or lots of photos of something too mundane to write about.  But then I realized that this simple mundane sandwich has become such an integral part of my kitchen routine by virtue of the fact that I can put it together in under 15 minutes and still have something that tastes like a million bucks.  And for those 15 minutes I’m frying bacon and eggs, slicing cheese, washing greens, toasting bread… doing all the essential tasks of preparing a thoughtfully created meal, but on a smaller scale.  A small enough scale that I can fit it in pretty much anytime and with minimal groceries.  And after a few days of fast food and leftovers, I start to feel like I need to be in my kitchen preparing a meal with my own hands.  Being in the kitchen is comforting to me.  I like doing all the little things, like washing greens or chopping an onion, that make up a larger set of actions that eventually turns into a meal – but the reality is that I usually find myself missing those things the most when we’ve been busy, or out of town for a few days, and I have no groceries.  And I always find myself coming back to the one thing I always have the ingredients – and the time – for.

Sometimes it’s the most mundane things that give us the most pleasure – and that is definitely worth sharing.  So what do you guys cook when you have no time or groceries and you just can’t go another minute without a home cooked meal?

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