Out and About – Bremen, Ga

I recently visited a new Farmer’s Market in my area: the Sewell Mill Community and Farmer’s Market in Bremen, Ga.  There were several interesting vendors, and I enjoyed looking around, but honestly, I was much more interested in the old part of downtown Bremen where the market was located.  I love small towns – they just have so much character, and often the oldest structures are the ones that catch my eye.  

I often catch myself saying how glad I am that we live so close to Atlanta so that I can get to town for shopping and entertainment, and sometimes I forget how many lovely things there are just down the road.  The Farmer’s Market communities are so friendly and, especially this time of year, there is so much color and liveliness there.  Enjoy the view!


5 thoughts on “Out and About – Bremen, Ga

  1. I love farmers markets – they often look beautiful and they are so much better inspiration for cooking exciting food rather than trawling around the big bland shops.

    I also just wanted to stop by and let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award ❤ I really enjoy reading your blog, so I think that you deserve it! To receive it, just go to the post where I’ve nominated you – http://catrionabarr.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/an-amazing-present-a-blog-award/ and follow the rules (it’s not too difficult!) to start spreading some more sweetness of your own 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. Yay, thanks to this post I just realized that with the new job I’ll finally be able to hit up some of the local midweek farmer’s markets! Woot. The one I’m thinking of in particular certainly isn’t in as pretty a locale as the one you posted about, but hopefully I’ll make some interesting finds. I love composition of these shots by the way. Especially the honey sign and lavender sachets 🙂

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