Optimistic Foliage

Well readers, I finally have my garden down on paper.  I’ve got a neat little diagram with all my notes about sowing dates, planting dates, last frosts, first frosts, proper spacing, light requirements, etc. scribbled in the margins.  Actually it’s not “neat” at all, it’s quite messy, but I feel OK about that seeing as how it’s a garden and they’re supposed to be inherently messy anyway, aren’t they?  My only problem now is that it’s still to early to do anything…too early to plant, and too early to channel my burst of enthusiasm into tangible results.  I took the dog out for his romp around the yard, and as my productivity-induced high disappated in the face of a winter brown landscape, I saw this:

Lovely Eucalyptus

Lovely Eucalyptus

Lovely isn’t it?   From that view you’d never know it wasn’t spring or summer time.  Amazing how something so simple as brightly-hued foliage can lift my spirits.   Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Optimistic Foliage

  1. You’re way ahead of me. Every day I keep meaning to plot the garden and make the final cut, but I keep putting it off. I did notice today that our daffodils are coming up already. Positively unnatural for early February in Ohio!

  2. Huh, it never occurred to me to be so organized about my garden. But this makes so much sense, especially since it’s all so new to me. I can see why this might be a better approach than buy whatever’s on sale and see what survives 😉

    • If I don’t go in with a concrete plan in mind, I wouldn’t have any idea where to start. Also, It’s possible I’m a little OCD and like to be uber-organized. It really does help, though, when it’s time to order seeds and supplies, and I found so much info about what to plant in what amount of sunlight, soil type, etc, that I had to make a diagram so I could keep it all straight.

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