Adventure Awaits!


Ohmygoodness.  Do I have the best husband or what?  I showed you all my birthday surprise last week – as if flowers, chocolates, and a sparkly surprise (I didn’t show you, but take my work for it, it’s lovely) aren’t the best thing a girl could ask for on her birthday, I got this in the mail a couple of days ago.  I told you how I’ve been feeling so inspired lately; well, now I have an outlet for all those creative juices bubbling about.  I’ve been contemplating buying one of these bad boys for a while now, but I’ve been dragging my feet since I know absolutely nothing about sewing (unless watching 12 seasons of Project Runway counts as experience? No? Oh well).  Well no more excuses!  I’ve got my eye on a beginners sewing class at the Atlanta Sewing Center, and hopefully I’ll be making Tim Gunn proud in no time.

In other news: I’ll be heading out to my parents’ farm tomorrow to lend a hand – and I’m taking volunteers.  Anyone interested in hard labor with few immediate benefits, but extremely enticing long term rewards including, but not limited to increased muscle tone, access to high quality grass-fed meats and abundant fresh air, and the likelihood that you’ll fall asleep immediately upon becoming horizontal is welcome to join me.   Oh, and did I mention the breathtaking views of Alabama farm country?  There’s no place like home!





That’s me feeding greedy guts there a couple of years ago – I love being on the farm, and especially when there are adorable critters like that to visit with.  Here’s hoping for good weather tomorrow so I can get some pictures of this year’s new additions – lambs and pigs were born recently, so photo opportunities abound if we can get some decent sunlight.

I hope all of you have a lovely Friday!

24 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits!

  1. I’m so envious of your trip to the farm. If I lived closer I’d totally be in! It sounds lovely. Even the hard labor part. After being cooped up inside writing these last few weeks, getting out and moving sounds like heaven! Looking forward to your pictures already 🙂
    As for your sewing machine, in another instance of our crazy twinned existence, I dug mine out for the first time last week and for my first project ever sewed a throw pillow for the guest bed! My machine is an ancient (circa 1970-something) Dressmaker that my husband found thrown out in the streets of Manhattan after Hurricane Irene. It had some serious water damage but he took it apart and cleaned up. It had been sitting neglected at my mother-in-law’s ever since. Now, after some quick lessons from my mother-in-law last weekend, it runs like a champ! I’m so excited for you. I can’t wait to see what you throw together on yours.

    • We’re total dopplegangers! I have a feeling that if we lived closer together we’d be so busy getting into photo/sewing/cooking/riding/etc mischief that we’d never get anything else done : )

      It sounds like you got a really good machine if it’s working so well after such a traumatic life. I have to get mine set up and find some fabric, etc, so I can get started on some cushions and curtains – I figured they’d be fairly easy to start out on with the added bonus that I can decorate with them. I found a good sewing blog that seems to have some pretty good tutorials:
      There’s one for cushion covers on there somewhere that I thought I could probably handle. Cheers to domesticity!

      • I think we’d have a blast! Not very productive perhaps, but we’d have a blast 😉

        I actually found the page you sent last weekend and checked out the first few tutorials when I was getting a hang of the machine. Since it came to us used and by way of the street it doesn’t have a manual so things are being figured out by trial and error. Still not entirely sure what all the knobs do but the tutorial definitely got me on the right track. I actually pulled out the machine finally after all this time because I wanted some pillows to spice up the guest bedroom but they’re so expensive. I made my first one following this tutorial and I have to say I was pretty pleased with the result. It’s also an envelope cover like the one you were thinking of, except this one is made with only one piece of fabric.

        I’m really liking the bow belt on the list of projects you linked. Maybe that will be my next attempt. No reason why it should all be pillows and curtains 🙂

        • I know what you mean about the pillows…all the ones I like are big bucks, and curtains too, so I figured I should give it a try. I’ve been feeling ambitious and have been looking at dress patterns too, but I’m going to practice a little first : )

          • Dress patterns? Wow, you’re definitely braver than I am then! I’m definitely planning on sewing some mean pillows before I even think about upgrading to anything that needs a pattern, lol. Btw, I just noticed your boots in the last picture. I’ve been on the lookout for some cowboy boots. Yours look great!

          • Funny you should those boots. I’ve had them for 7 years now, and they’re so well broken in that I may cry when they finally break down. They’re actually little boys, because they didn’t make womens sizes in that style! they’re Ariat brand I believe.

          • Ooo, just checked out Ariat boots online and I think I know what my next boot purchase will be. I usually treat myself to a new pair of boots every winter as a joint birthday/Christmas gift from my family. I’m all booted out this year but Ariats will definitely be on the list for next year! Thanks for the tip! They look super comfy.

          • They’re awesome. I rode in then everyday for probably 5 years, and they’ve held up really well. The first couple of days after I got them, I was worried they were uncomfortable, but after they break in, they are super comfortable.

          • They sounds like my kind of boots. I have a pair of Fryes that I adore. But they’re not good for riding. Just romping about the city. Yay for comfy boots 🙂

          • Lol, tell me about it. I think I must have tried on 6 different pairs before I settled on the Logo in brown/black this year. They’re lovely though. Two years ago I got the Frye 14L and they’re still my favorite. I can stand and walk in them all day. Best boots ever 🙂 They’re definitely a splurge but I pool all my birthday and Christmas money and tell myself it’s an investment 😉

          • I like your thinking. It’s totally an investment! I hang onto a good pair of boots for years. Now if I can just get my husband on board with that, I’m good to go 🙂

            Loving that cushion link you sent! It looks really simple. I see dozens of throw pillows in my future.

          • My husband isn’t too fond of my logic either. Yet when he buys tools… 😉
            I was really pleased with the pillow tutorial. It was nice to only have one piece of fabric to work with for the first try. I had my first pillow done within an hour and was very happy with how it turned out. I actually went shopping yesterday and bought several more pillow forms and fabrics. It’s going to be pillows galore up in here! I’m looking forward to seeing your creations 🙂

  2. Wow – you do have a great husband!! You’re going to be a very busy lady – working, doing your gourmet cooking and now sewing! Ask your Aunt Starr for some pointers – she’s an expert.
    When I was sewing, years ago now, I didn’t want to do anythng else – no cleaning, cooking or anything. Joe bought me a beautiful computerized New Home machine and a serger and I used them a lot, but not lately. I don’t stay in one place long enough to sew, but I really would like to get back to it someday….
    Have a great time!!
    Love you,
    Aunt Kathy

    • Super busy! But all fun things thankfully. I do need to call Starr and see if she’ll consent to tutor me – I know she’d be able to get me sewing in no time.
      I guess I know where all my creative genes came from – you, Sally, and Starr seem to have passed it on down the line – lets hope I can keep up the family tradition. I certainly don’t lack for enthusiasm!

  3. A sewing machine has been on my Amazon wish list for over a year now but I just can’t get the nerve to purchase it myself. I’m pretty sure my 7th grade home ec class set me up for life with my sewing skills and I’d like to make more pillows and gym bags (my mom is still using a gym bag I made from then!) But really, I’m pretty jealous! You’ll have to show us your wonderful creations!

    • Since we moved, all I’ve been wanting to do is decorate, so that finally convinced me that I should move it to the top of the list. Looking back, I’m wishing I had done home-ec in school. I chose another elective since I was convinced I’d never need to learn how to do any of that…it’s amazing how much we change as we get older. Now all I want to do is keep house!

  4. Ooh, it’s lovely! I received a sewing machine for my birthday last year as well (despite having very limited sewing experience!) It’s always nice to have another creative outlet. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your creations.
    Also- The cake turned out beautifully! Great job!

  5. I love the pics of your family farm and of the little sheep 🙂 My hubby and I are working towards our own farm and any experience on any farm is helpful… wished we lived closer we are in VA. I got a sewing machine for christmas last year and wish I had more time to sew… its my goal this year 🙂 I hope you enjoy your new machine 🙂

    • Thank you! I love being on the farm and I miss it every day…I’m hoping eventually we can get a chicken coop at our place, but that’s definitely a couple of years away. I’m really excited about my sewing machine – I can’t wait to make something lovely!

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