The “dog days” of winter

Maybe you haven’t heard, but winter is pretty much over.  Oh, you haven’t heard that?  Because it’s 14° in North Dakota right now, you may argue that is, in fact, still winter.  But here in Winston, Georgia it’s 72°.  Seventy-two degrees people.  And that does not constitute winter weather in my book.  I’ve actually missed winter this year – I mean I have like 3 pairs of tall boots and I can hardly justify wearing them when it’s too warm for socks.   I’m pretty much the only one in my house who’s upset though.  My husband has been waiting impatiently for warm weather (and motorcycle riding/track day season) since September, and the dog is happiest when the weather is conducive to his people being out of doors with him.   And with weather this lovely, we’re happy to oblige him.  These photos are from a day last week when my husband returned from being out of town – Tucker much prefers for Jacob to play with since he’s a little more enthusiastic about it than I am.  It may have something to do with the fact that I’m usually trying to get him to sit! stay! pose for the camera! while Jacob encourages his short attention span and high energy antics by throwing things for him.



after it!


I got it!


How’s the weather where you are?


7 thoughts on “The “dog days” of winter

  1. Well it’s been a wee bit nippier here in Connecticut. It went down into the teens last week and stayed there for a while. Yesterday it snowed again but tomorrow it should be back up into the mid 50’s. Certainly not 72, by any stretch but I’ll take what I can get at this point! 🙂 Adorable pup you’ve got there, by the way!

  2. Thanks! He’s such a ham. I usually can’t wait for winter to be over – I absolutely love summertime! – but this year it seems like we went straight from fall to more fall, and now maybe spring. I already have plants budding out…it’s crazy!

  3. The high was 80 degrees today in Brunswick, and it’s now 79. I’m loving this weather! We need some rain, though….

  4. 58º! Which I love! It was in the 80’s last week and like you, I prefer to keep my winter seasons at least a bit “wintry”. (Being from MN means my new definition of “wintry” is more like a Minnesotans definition of “spring” but you have to make compromises.)

  5. It’s been ranging between the 30’s-40’s here. Some warmer weather would be really nice! P.S. Saw the photo of the exterior of your house, it’s GORGEOUS. Will you be doing a tour of the inside? Would love to see!

    • You’re so kind! I would love to do a tour, but my previous home was much smaller, so my decor/furnishings are a little lacking…I’ve got some projects in mind and then hopefully I can show it off a little.

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