Birthday Cake: Dobos Torte


Check out my cake!  I wish I could share a slice with all of you!  Technically it’s not a cake, I suppose, but a Torte.  A Dobos Torte to be exact.  I’ve had my eye on this particular confection for several months now, and I figured what better way to celebrate my birthday than to make a multi-layer cake covered in chocolate?  And also, I was assured by a very reliable source that despite it’s impressive layer count and showy chocolate coating, it’s really very simple to make.  I got my recipe and instructions from SmittenKitchen, and I’m referring you to her lovely site if you’ve any inclination in making this, since, despite not requiring much exertion, the instructions are kind of long, and um, I have a cake to eat, folks.  I will tell you that it’s a simply divine cake and worth the couple of hours it takes to put it all together (relax, it’s a leisurely couple of hours).  And when you’re through and you have this cake in front of you and you take the first bite, you’ll be all “Wow.  I turned a carton of eggs into this”?


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