In my absence

I just thought I’d share with you a few of the things I’ve been doing over the past few months.

There were not one, but two bridal showers.

There were two weddings.

There was pumpkin carving.

There was motorcycle riding.  That’s my very talented husband. I can brag if I want.

There were words to arrange on the fridge.

There was Christmas.

There was vacation.

9 thoughts on “In my absence

    • Too weird! Yes, it’s his favorite thing to be doing. We spend at least one weekend a month at some racetrack or other from about April-October. I get to take photos so it’s not too bad for me, and we close to some beautiful mountainous roads so I get to enjoy some scenic riding. If your husband rides, he’s probably heard of the Tail of the Dragon? The official name is Deal’s Gap – it’s one of the curviest roads in this country – 311 curves in like 10 miles or something. We live a couple hours from there and it’s a lot of fun.

      • That sounds gorgeous. I’m sure my husband would love that! I’ll have to ask him about it. Unfortunately we don’t have anything quite that exciting in CT that I’m aware of. Just the local back roads, although parts of Litchfield County in particular are quite breathtaking. Next up on our agenda: dirt biking. My husband got me a 50 for my birthday two years ago but we didn’t have anywhere to ride. Now with the woods behind the new house we’re just waiting until Spring. Can’t wait!

        • Oh you’ll love that! I’ve never done much riding of the motorcycles myself, being a horsewoman (I put myself through college by training horses), but I’m an excellent passenger if I do say so myself.

          • Of course you horseback ride! I rode for years but couldn’t afford it anymore once we moved to the States. The house we bought is right next to a horse farm but unfortunately they don’t give lessons. I still get pleasuring from watching the horses grazing in the field. And actually a large part of the reason I like dirt biking is because it reminds me a bit of riding. You never know. You might like it as well!

  1. I haven’t been on a horse in a couple of years and it’s killing me! Working with horses is something I love more than almost anything else…I have been considering starting some riding lessons – I was never classically trained and would love to learn dressage. I think part of the reason I haven’t been inspired to get my own motorcycle is because I don’t want to find something I like as much as my horse friends…crazy, right? But I will probably bow to peer pressure soon and give it a whirl.

  2. Nothing comes close to feeling the warmth of a horse under your touch. They’re beautiful majestic creatures and it’s a pleasure to just be around them. I definitely want to start riding again at some point. I think once you’ve ridden, it stays in your blood. But in the mean time, riding dirt bikes can definitely give you a thrill. I actually named my bike my “filly” because she reminded me of riding horses. So I wouldn’t worry about liking motorcycles as much as your horse friends, but it could be a nice way to tide you over until you get a chance to take lessons. Just a thought.

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